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Relationship Quizzes

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Through more than three decades of researching couples, relationships, and marriages, Dr. John Gottman discovered that couples who maintain a vibrant friendship keep their romance and passion alive, as well as manage conflict calmly and constructively. At The Relationship Center of Jacksonville, Florida, we use his work and these relationship quizzes to help determine the state of your relationship and work on functional conflict resolution.

Relationship Happiness Quiz

Instructions: Answer every item true or false indicating the extent to which at this time you agree or disagree with each statement. You may want to print this page to make it easier to score.

Right now how do you feel?

  1. I feel emotionally close to my partner. True/False
  2. I think that my partner really cares about me. True/False
  3. I feel confident that we can deal with whatever problems or issues that might arise. True/False
  4. I would consider myself happy in this relationship. True/False
  5. I feel respected by my partner. True/False
  6. I am committed to staying in this relationship. True/False
  7. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for my partner. True/False
  8. I find my partner very interesting. True/False
  9. I feel that my partner finds me physically attractive. True/False
  10. If I ever needed help I could count on my partner. True/False
  11. My partner really tries hard to meet my needs. True/False
  12. My partner really listens to me. True/False
  13. I am satisfied with our sex life. True/False
  14. I am confident we can handle any conflict that may arise between us. True/False
  15. My partner shows pride in my accomplishments. True/False
  16. I feel appreciated for what I contribute to this relationship. True/False
  17. I really feel loved in this relationship. True/False
  18. My partner really knows me well. True/False
  19. My partner is one of my best friends. True/False
  20. My partner loves my sense of humor. True/False
Grass with Dew


Add up the number of answers that you answered True and multiply by 5. If your score and your partner's score is above 80, congratulations! You are reasonably happy in your relationship. Scores lower than 80 indicate there is need for some improvement in your relationship. You and your partner most likely would benefit from participating in Couples' Counseling.

Sad Woman with Her Husband

Dealing With Conflict

Read each statement and place a mark in the appropriate space for true or false.

  1. Our discussions get too heated. True/False
  2. I have a hard time calming down. True/False
  3. One of us is going to say something we will regret. True/False
  4. I think to myself, "Why can't we talk more logically?" True/False


Add up the number of items for which you answered "True." Multiply this number by 20. If your score or your partner's score is above 40, your relationship may be in need of some help with how the two of you disagree. It can be hard to say calm when you are having a hard time being heard or understood by your spouse or partner, or when they are upset/angry with you.