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Emotion-Focused Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapy for Couples

Emotional responsiveness is the key to many relationship conflicts. At The Relationship Center of Jacksonville, Florida, we understand the latest emotion research and deliver effective solutions through Emotion-Focused Therapy. In your relationship with your partner or spouse, you have some core needs that are normal and sometimes called attachment needs. Wanting to feel accepted, close, understood, loved, appreciated, and important to your romantic partner strengthen your connection and emotional bond with each other. When these core needs aren't being met, you begin to feel anxious, fearful and insecure.

Lasting Love & Emotional Security

Dr. Sue Johnson, the founder of EFT, has discovered three magic ingredients that are the key to lasting love and emotional security for couples. When you can reach out to your partner or spouse when you are feeling insecure or upset and receive reassurance, understanding, and compassion, this emotional responsiveness is comforting and reassuring. In her book, Hold Me Tight, Dr. Johnson describes these three components of this emotional presence using the acronym A.R.E.

Making Heart with Hands


You can access your partner's attention, presence, and support when you need it. You can count on them to be open to you.


You can count on your partner to respond to your concerns, emotions, and needs with caring vs. problem-solving.


You can rely on your partner to stay emotionally present with you and listen, especially to your fears and needs.